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Make-A-Connection Program and Resume Review

Make-A-Connection Program

Make-A-Connection is a peer mentoring program that provides SLA members with the opportunity to network with others in the field.   Professionals can share expertise, learn best practices, exchange ideas, and build skills.  Those new to the field can also connect with more experienced professionals.  Participants are matched based on career goals, experience, and other areas of interest.

This is a great opportunity to build your professional network and share your expertise.   As a participant, you can:

  • Explore different career options in the information profession
  • Receive guidance and information as you start your career or job search
  • Give (or seek) advice and encouragement
  • Offer interview preparation and coaching
  • Learn about different approaches to challenges in the profession
  • Answer questions about your expertise
  • Be a networking contact and an insider for available jobs
  • Get energized and motivated by sharing and hearing new ideas

The program contains a variety of flexible options to fit your schedule.  Communication can be in-person or remote, whatever works best for you.

If you are interested, please fill out the Participation Form. You will be matched up with a fellow member, whom you will contact to set up a time to meet.

Resume Review Service 

The resume review service connects members looking for jobs with experienced professionals who have hiring experience. Resume submitters and reviewers are matched based on career goals, experience, and other areas of interest.

Interested in becoming a resume reviewer? (open to DC/SLA members and non-members)

If you have 3+ years of experience in your field, becoming a resume reviewer is a great short-term opportunity to assist a job seeker. Reviewers provide advice and critique applicants’ resumes to help them get interviews.

If you would like to become a resume reviewer, please fill out the Resume Reviewer form.

Interested in submitting your resume? (open to DC/SLA members only)

The resume review service is available to any DC/SLA member who is looking for a job in the library/information professions. Students, new professionals, and career-changers can submit their resume for a thorough critique to improve their odds of getting interviews.

If you would like to submit your resume for review, please fill out the Resume Submission form. You should receive a critique within two weeks of your submission.

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