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Updated 3/3/2014


Member List:


Member Name Homepage/Blog Twitter
Deena Adelman linkedin-icon
Gwen Andreotti linkedin-icon
Marilyn Bromley @mbromley linkedin-icon
Harry F. Brooks IV @WhatsUpResearch facebook-icon linkedin-icon pinterest-icon
Laurie Calhoun linkedin-icon
Emily Carr Bio: InterviewWork Blog: http://blogs.loc.gov/law @ecarr42 facebook-icon linkedin-icon pinterest-icon
Laura Choyce http://www.novataire.com linkedin-icon
Claire D’Mura @SplatteredW linkedin-icon
Betsy Dingman @tealover9 facebook-icon linkedin-icon pinterest-icon
Kerry Donovan @KerryADonovan linkedin-icon
Diane M. Falk WorldandI.com
Anita Feidler @feidlera linkedin-icon
Kathy Garrett http://ftcorporate.ft.com/ @KathyGarrettNYC linkedin-icon
Peggy Garvin @garvinfo
Marianne Giltrud http://goo.gl/4e35z @VisionKnowledge facebook-icon linkedin-icon pinterest-icon
Morgan Grimes @ellemorgan linkedin-icon
Lesley Ellen Harris http://www.copyrightlaws.com @Copyrightlaws
Kathleen Daly Higgs @DalyHiggs linkedin-icon
Naomi House http://inalj.com @needalibraryjob facebook-icon linkedin-icon
Ramona Howerton linkedin-icon
Olivia Ivey @oi_vey
Marie Kaddell http://www.governmentinfopro.com @libraryfocus facebook-icon linkedin-icon
Kathy Kelly facebook-icon linkedin-icon
James King http://about.me/cmndr_king @slakinf facebook-icon linkedin-icon
Kelly Knight @_kellyknight linkedin-icon
Rick Kowalski @rkowalski7 linkedin-icon
Elizabeth Lieutenant http://www.elizabethlieutenant.com @LizLieutenant linkedin-icon
Jill Lynch @greytlibrarian linkedin-icon
Aileen Marshall http://www.cyndera.com/ @cyndera linkedin-icon
Elizabeth Mason @BookishLiz facebook-icon linkedin-icon
Christian Minter http://climbingthestacks.wordpress.com @LibGirl09 linkedin-icon
Sabrina Pacifici http://www.bespacific.com http://www.llrx.com @beSpacific
Lisa Pogue linkedin-icon
Gretchen Sauvey @gsauvey linkedin-icon
Donna Scheeder @Lcdonna facebook-icon linkedin-icon
Ariel Segal @arielsegal facebook-icon linkedin-icon
Jordan Sly http://about.me/jordansly @jscottsly linkedin-icon pinterest-icon
Hannah Sommers http://www.npr.org/people/6451822/hannah-sommers @hsommers linkedin-icon
Mary Talley @talleymtg linkedin-icon
Chris Vestal @Guybrarian1 linkedin-icon
Malea Walker @dcmalea
Jan Zastrow @JanZastrow linkedin-icon