Washington, DC Chapter

SLA Awards Earned by DC/SLA Members

Arranged by name of the award, the list below identifies Washington DC Chapter members who are past SLA award winners and honorees.

Dialog Member Achievement Award (SLA Web link)
Presented to an SLA member for raising visibility, awareness, and appreciation of profession, SLA Unit or the Association at large.

  • Kenlee Ray (2004)
  • John Latham (2005)
  • Ann Sweeney (2006)
  • Sharon Lenius (2007)

Diversity Leadership Development Program Award (SLA Web link)
Presented to an SLA member who represents a group traditionally under-represented in the Association. Recipient must have an interest and potential for leadership with SLA.

  • Cassandra Shieh (2004)
  • Blanca Chou (2007)
  • Julia Leggett (2009)

Dow Jones Leadership Award (SLA Web link)
Presented to an SLA member who exemplifies leadership as a special librarian through examples of personal and professional competencies.

  • The Special Committee on Competencies (Eileen G. Abels and John Latham) (2004)
  • Susan Fifer Canby (2005)
  • Jane Kinney Meyers (2007)
  • Richard Huffine (2008)
  • Barbie Keiser (2009)
  • Peggy Garvin (2011)
  • Kee Malaski (2012)

Fellows of the Special Libraries Association (SLA Web link)
Presented to an SLA member to recognize leadership in their career as an information professional. Fellowship is bestowed on mid-career SLA members in recognition of past, present and future service to the Association and the profession. Up to five new Fellows may be recognized each year.

  • Patricia Berger (1987)
  • Bernard Basch (1988)
  • Catherine A. Jones (1992)
  • Joan Gervino (1997)
  • Wilda B. Newman (1997)
  • Donna Scheeder (1998)
  • Sylvia E. A. Piggott (2000)
  • Lynne McCay (2002)
  • Lyle Minter (2004)
  • Dav Robertson (2005)
  • Terri Brooks (2007)
  • Holly Chong Williams (2008)
  • Anne Caputo (2008)
  • Ellie Briscoe (2009)
  • Nancy Minter (2009)
  • Karen Huffman (2011)
  • James King (2011)
  • Mary Talley (2013)

H.W. Wilson Company Award (No Longer Awarded)
Given for the best article published during the previous calendar year in Information Outlook®, the official journal of SLA.

  • Jill Konieczko (2004)

Innovations In Technology Award (No Longer Awarded)
Given to a member (or a group with a member) of Special Libraries Association who has demonstrated innovative use and applications of technology in a special library setting.

  • Laurie E. Stackpole (1997)
  • Susan Fifer Canby (2001)
  • Gary Price (2002)
  • Defense Technical Information Center (2005)
  • James King (2006)
  • Karen Huffman (2007)
  • Sabrina I. Pacifici (2008)

John Cotton Dana Award (SLA Web link)
Granted to a knowledge professional to recognize a lifetime of achievement as well as beyond exceptional service to the profession.

  • Paul Klinefelter (1988)
  • Adelaide del Frate (1990)
  • Roger K. Haley (1993)
  • Joan Gervino (1994)
  • Nicholas Mercury (1995)
  • Donna Scheeder (2004)
  • Lynne McCay (2011)

Rising Star Award sponsored by JJ Keller (SLA Web link)
Presented annually to recognize new members who shows exceptional promise of leadership and contribution to the association and profession. The award will be presented to an outstanding SLA member who has one to five years of professional experience as an information professional.

  • Jessica Beauchamp (2010)
  • Chris Vestal (2010)
  • Janel Kinlaw (2012)
  • Chris Zammarelli (2012)

Rose L. Vormelker Award (SLA Web link)
Given to an individual member(s) in recognition of exceptional services to the profession of special librarianship in the area of mentoring students and/or practicing professionals in the field.

  • Elizabeth Stone (2000)
  • Anne Caputo (2004)
  • Carol Berger (2005)
  • Eileen Abels (2007)
  • Shirley Loo (2008)
  • Dave Shumaker (2009)
  • Mary Talley (2011)
  • Bruce Rosenstein (2012)

SLA Hall of Fame (SLA Web link)
Presented to an SLA member at or near end of active professional career to recognize service and contribution to the Association. Spots in The SLA Hall of Fame are also granted for prolonged distinguished service of an SLA Unit (chapter or division) which has contributed to the success of the Association as a whole.

  • Ruth Hooker (1965)
  • Ruth S. Smith (1988)
  • Charles Missar (1991)
  • James L. Olsen, Jr. (1989)
  • Kitty Scott (1996)
  • Catherine Jones (1997)
  • Winifred Sewell (1998)
  • Roger Haley (2001)
  • Wilda Newman (2004)
  • Paul Wasserman (2007)
  • Sue O’Neill Johnson (posthumous) (2008)
  • Donna Sheeder (2009)
  • Guy St. Clair (2010)
  • Sharon Lenius (2012)
  • Susan Fifer Canby (2012)
  • Anne Caputo (2014)

SLA Presidential Citations (SLA Web link)
SLA Presidential Citations are granted to an SLA member for a notable or important contribution during the previous year that enhanced the Association or furthered its goals and objectives. This honor is granted at the pleasure of the current SLA President at any point throughout their term in office.

  • Catherine A. Jones (1987)
  • Sue O’Neill Johnson (2001)
  • Barbie Keiser (2005)
  • Claire Hart (2007)

SLA Professional Awards (No Longer Awarded)
The SLA Professional Award is given to an individual or group, who may or may not hold membership in the association, in recognition of a specific major achievement in, or a specific significant contribution to, the field of librarianship or information science, which advances the stated objectives of the Special Libraries Association. The presentation of the award shall follow soon after the recognized fruition of the contribution.

  • Elizabeth W. Stone (1988)
  • Mary Ellen Bates (2002)
  • Lynne McCay (2008)