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President’s Message: Re-Engage with SLA!

President’s Message: Re-Engage with SLA!

By Beth Maser, DC/SLA President

Dear DC/SLA Members,

This is my first message to you as your President for 2016 and I wanted to reach out and encourage all of you to become “Re-engaged with SLA” this year. While there may be some turmoil going on at the national level of our organization, our chapter has always been one of the largest and most active within SLA and there should be no reason why that should not continue long into the future. Professionals like ourselves truly value the network and friendships we have been able to develop through the years through our connections at the local level. Many of us are in positions we never thought we would be in save for a chance meeting at a chapter event. The list goes on. We are still strongly invested in making sure our national organization stays intact, but at the same time, I stress the need to come together at a local level and allow the DC Chapter to grow in number as well as participation. This is a critical time in our profession and only by keeping the conversations and our programming active and participatory can we continue to thrive as an organization and as a profession.

To our seasoned volunteers I thank you for your continued participation and selflessness. To our new members or longtime members who have not been as involved with the chapter, I encourage you to attend just one event or meeting and bring in a new member to the chapter this year. If all of us can do either or both, think of how much stronger we can make our already strong chapter. The possibilities are endless. Living in DC, you all know that participation and voices matter. I much prefer a cacophony of sound over silence. There is so much collective experience within our membership and countless things that we can learn about and from each other if we listen and participate. Please consider this my personal invitation to “Re-engage with SLA” and allow us to continue to thrive as a valuable professional resource for you and our profession in DC.


[Photo Credit: “Engage Detroit” Steve Lietzau. CC BY 2.0. Adapted]

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