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Recap – 31 Apps in 31 Days – October’s #DCSLATreats

Recap – 31 Apps in 31 Days – October’s #DCSLATreats

By Rick Kowalski

Last month, the DC/SLA Communications team shared their favorite can’t-live-without apps via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. (If you aren’t connected to those accounts – please connect!)

For those of you who missed the apps, here is a full list of the ones we recommended. You’ll probably need to clear out some space on your phone to make room for these:


Can’t remember all your passwords? or running out of ideas for new passwords. 1Password is an app that stores, creates and logs into your apps and websites.


A good one if you’re looking for something fun to watch this weekend, and if you have access to streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime or Netflix. Tells you where you can download, stream, or buy movies and TV shows.

Day One

Day One is a simple way to journal. It’s as easy as tweeting. Journal photos, thoughts, tag them, search them, view in a list, gallery or calendar formats. Add weather, location, photo, text, time and tags to each entry.  Sync automatically between devices. Available in IOS and Mac desktop versions.


Available for Apple, Android, Windows and available online, Duolingo is a free gamified environment for learning up to 21 foreign languages.

eclick presenter

Tried keynote and looking for another presentation app? What about eclick presenter? You can even ask attendees to answer questions during your presentation


Keep your notes, checklists, voice/photo memos and news clips all in one space – the cloud – accessible across all your devices. Great for keeping all your devices on the same page.


Quick and comprehensive legal research app, Fastcase “puts a comprehensive national law library and smarter and more powerful searching, sorting, and visualization tools at your fingertips.”


Are there any old Google Reader users who don’t love Feedly? Manage your RSS feeds with this versatile app available on multiple platforms. #dcslatreats

Flu Near You

Flu Near You is a website and mobile application that tracks the spread of the flu through participant reported symptoms. The data is gathered and updated weekly.


Info Pros can quickly build newsletters with Goodbits.


Start your day with a management tip from Harvard Business Review. See how many tips you can put into action each week!

Heads Up!

Info Pros are often great at trivia and clues. Try Heads Up! Guess the card on your forehead from your friends clues.

Hopper – Air Fare Predictions

Know when to fly & buy, instantly identify cheap dates, buy or wait with confidence and get notified when it’s the best time to purchase


Turn your smartphone into an instant road friendly navigator for low visibility conditions.Hudway projects an eay to view realtime image onto your windshield to help driving in unsafe conditions.

IFTTT (If This Then That)

If This Then That is here to connect your favorite apps. Trigger actions in one app when something happens in another app.


What does information profressional mean? Look it up in the InfoSci-Dictionary app for Android or iPhones. While you’re at it, find concise definitions for over 79,000 other terms in our field provided by IGI Global.


Need to access or edit a presentation quickly? Try Keynote. This presentation app, made for IOS devices, allows you to edit slides, add transitions, and even animated charts all from your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Khan Academy

Need to get a quick refresher course on a wide range of subject matter? Pick a course in Khan Academy to get you started. Khan covers seven broad subject areas.


We can’t talk about professional development without mentioning LinkedIn! Get the app to network on-the-go.


Say you get a spark of inspiration for some library outreach but you aren’t at your desk. What do you do? Moodboard to the rescue! Quickly assemble graphics and information in a stylized poster that can be printed for your library or information center!


Need to continue your research without wifi? Use OfflinePagesPro to download/save websites


Are you a podcast junkie? Try Overcast!


Helping with math homework but maybe you forget the order of operations? Try the app PhotoMath! Take a picture of the math problem, get the answer with the work shown!


Find an article you want to read later? Put it in your Pocket! This app quickly saves and organizes articles you want to read (with tagging capability!). Great for infopros during a search, or for personal reading.

Push Bullet

Bridge the gap between your devices with Push Bullet, an app that allows you to access files and information across your devices.


The biggest trivia game in the world. Every topic you can imagine. Play against strangers or your friends. Available on all platforms.


The simplist alarm clock app with no annoying clutter and beautiful sounds to wake up to. One of the most talked about alarm apps.


Sometimes you just need to get around the DC metro area quickly. “Call” Uber with the Uber app. Select your type of ride and payment (including tip!) is automatically pulled in from your credit card.


Love the filters on instagram but aren’t as into the social aspect? Try VSCO Cam. Their beautiful presets (i.e. filters) will elevate the photos taken on your phone from average to awe-inspiring


How do info pros find the fastest way home through DC traffic? Waze! Save time with this community based traffic app.


Create, organize, and share (or delegate) your to-do lists with this intuitive app.

[Photo Credit: “App Store.” Cristiano Betta. CC BY 2.0]

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