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SLA Elections – Make Your Vote Count!

SLA Elections – Make Your Vote Count!

By Angela Titone

I live in the District of Columbia, where the license plates read, “No taxation without representation.” I am often told my vote doesn’t count, especially when it comes to the presidential election. I am rarely organized enough to vote early. So I wait in line.

I just voted for the SLA Board of Directors Election and Bylaw Change (www.sla.org/evote through Sept 23) and the DC/SLA Board of Directors Election (through Sept 25). The process is easy, though some of the decisions were tough. There are such good folks running. The bylaw change is either a yes or no vote — you can’t vote in the middle — so that was probably the hardest for me.

I generally work on deadline, but Deena Adelman, DC/SLA President, inspired me in her blog, Take Time, Take Note, Take Action to vote for both our national and local SLA elections before the deadline.

The Special Library Association makes it so easy — we have weeks to vote. I didn’t even have to wait in line — I did it from my computer, and I could have easily used my phone.

True to our profession, I had plenty of good research tools to help me along.

The DC/SLA site gave me a good overview of the candidates, DC/SLA 2016 Board of Directors Candidates Announced.

And for the general SLA Election 2015, the Candidate Resource Center even lets you listen to the candidates speaking on key issues.

But you need to vote before the deadline to make your vote count.

Just like the presidential election, I won’t tell you exactly how I voted. If you need advice, you’re sure to find someone to discuss it with at the Happy Hour in Crystal City, next week, Wednesday, Sept 16. Register for it now so Crystal City Pub can have an approximate headcount.

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