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What’s Your Theme? – Why Not?

What’s Your Theme? – Why Not?

By Jessica Bland

I have considered my theme ever since Chris strong-armed, ahem, requested the board members each submit one last year.  After almost twelve months of debate, “why not?” remains the best I could identify, as my professional career has seemed to move to new positions after thinking why not?  Why not try to apply for my first position after grad school at a pharmaceutical company (never mind my undergraduate degree and first Master’s is in history)?  Why not take the leap to a vendor that I respect and try working from home for a while?  Why not step outside of the library industry now that I have broader skills like account management and understanding of coding?

Why not has worked well for me.  Why not ask IT when they troubleshoot or write code for me if it is something I could do myself?  Why not learn a little C# and SQL? Why not learn how to be a business analyst while I am working for a software company and take the specifications from the client and write it into “tech speak” so it can become code?  Why not enjoy the celebration of achieving a deadline and seeing those vague requests turn into reports needed by the state for our clients to get their incentive funds?  Why not push the boundaries, look at things new ways and always try that new adventure around the bend?


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