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Event Recap: Following in the Footsteps of War

Event Recap: Following in the Footsteps of War

By Jill Lynch

On October 4, 2014, the DC/SLA Military Libraries Group traveled south to Fredericksburg, Virginia to hear excerpts from Charles A. Clark’s diary of the Battle of Second Fredericksburg.

Tom Glad, a librarian at DTIC has a personal connection to the diary of Charles Amory Clark, a Union soldier in the Civil War. Tom served as our guide on this 3 hour tour. He shared excerpts from the diary at various locations in Fredericksburg.

The tour started at 8:00AM at a parking lot in Downtown Fredericksburg, where for an hour we were offered coffee, donuts and networking. At 9:00AM nineteen of us boarded a trolley headed to our first stop.

Members on trolley

DC/SLA members board a trolley to the first stop, the Union Infantry Winter Camp at the Stafford Civil War Park.














The first stop took us to the Union Infantry Winter Camp at the Stafford Civil War Park, where we walked among ruins of tent sites and rifle pits. Although this winter camp was not actually where Charles Clark spent any nights, we were taken there to give us an idea of what kind of camp he would have been in. We were allowed about 30 minutes to walk through this camp, enjoy the scenery and take pictures.

The next stop took us to Chatham Manor, where President Abraham Lincoln had his review of the Army of the Potomac. According to Clark’s diary entry, there were 75,000 troops lined up on the field. Although time did not permit a visit inside the Manor, we were able to roam the gorgeous grounds.

Next on the tour was a quick stop next to Mary Washington University, to catch a glimpse of Sunken Road.

We all got back on the Trolley for our last tour stop at the old Salem Church. The original structure is still standing and in pretty good shape. We didn’t go inside, but open window shades afforded us the opportunity to take a peak instead.

The trolley dropped us off at the starting point and several members of the tour had lunch on the Rappahannock River at Brock’s Riverside Grill, while the rest of us went to an Oktoberfest Festival in downtown Fredericksburg.

Thanks to WT Cox Information Services for sponsoring this unique opportunity

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