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President’s Message – Let’s Talk Tech

President’s Message – Let’s Talk Tech

by Marie Kaddell, DC/SLA Chapter President

Sometimes we forget the extent technology permeates every aspect of our professional and personal lives. I was reminded of that recently when going through security while visiting a federal building.

Here’s how it went:

Guard:  Please take any electronic devices out of your bag and put them in the bin.

Me:  Okay.  [I grab my iPhone and iPod and put them in the bin. That was easy.]

Guard:  Do you have something with wires in your purse?

Me: Wires? No.

Guard: Headphones, maybe?

Me:  [Hello, iPod in the bin.] Oh, yeah. I do have those in there. [I grab my purse and scrounge through it until I pull a set of earbuds out and drop them in the bin. Yikes.]

Back my purse goes into the scanner.                    

Guard:  Is that a camera?

Me:  Oh no. The camera. I forgot. [I’m an inveterate picture taker—a habit much discouraged by my kids when I get into a picture-taking frenzy. I always carry a camera around. It’s so little, I didn’t even notice it in my bag. I fish it out of my purse and place it in the bin.]

Back my purse goes into the scanner.

Guard:  I see something else that looks like an electronic device.

Me:  No. I took all my electronics out already.

Guard:  I see circuits in something.

Me: Circuits?

The guard shows me the scanner image to prove his point.

Me:  [Mystified.] What is it? [I search every corner of my bag and discover my Blackberry. Oh no, the Blackberry! It’s nestled, uncharged and forgotten for the day, in a pocket of the purse. Darn it.  I put it in the bin.]

Back my purse goes into the scanner.

Guard:  You’re good.

Finally, success! There might have been some applause from the guard’s desk. It seems three times really is the charm. Lucky for me I didn’t bring my iPad too. That might have been the deal-breaker.

How much of our technology fits into our lives so seamlessly that we barely notice it anymore?  At home? In the workplace? In the classroom? On vacation? On the go?

I love technology, as you can probably tell by the pile of electronic devices that wound up in the bin during that recent security check. But it’s a lot to keep up with.  One of the things that I love about being part of a professional association is all the resources it provides to help me build my understanding and awareness of advances and trends in technology and the ways in which it is being used in libraries and beyond. The mix of programming, connections to other professionals, and ideas shared through social media channels from SLA, DC/SLA and its membership, allows me to customize my ever-continuing learning adventure as a professional. I can attend a program, network with colleagues who have similar interests and challenges, and expand my horizons by connecting with DC/SLA members via social media. I decide on the perfect blend of opportunities to develop professionally — in-person, virtual, scheduled, ongoing.

At DC/SLA, we’ve had some great programming for those interested in technology uses and trends and we have something very special coming in on September 26th.  It’s our first DC/SLA Tech and App Petting Zoo. Our members will be showcasing their smartphones, tablets and e-readers, apps, databases, and software solutions and you can rotate through the stations and learn about them all. In November, we’ll be having a DC/SLA lunchtime webinar on the Publishing Revolution for those interesting in e-books and digital publishing.

We are also doing something exciting to help DC/SLA members connect virtually with the DC/SLA Social Media Directory. Are you on Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram? Do you have a blog, a podcast, a YouTube channel? Your followers are waiting! On Facebook or LinkedIn? Get connected. Add your social media information from the Get Involved tab on the DC/SLA website or just visit this link to get added to the DC/SLA Social Media Directory.

I hope to see you at one of our DC/SLA September events and that you’ll come find me where I live on social media: Twitter: @libraryfocus, Blog:  The Government Info Pro at http://www.governmentinfopro.com/.

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