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Great Advice in 140 Characters or Less: #SLAtalk on Twitter

Great Advice in 140 Characters or Less: #SLAtalk on Twitter

by Tracy Z. Maleeff, SLA OCAC member & Legal Division Past Chair

As a member of SLA’s Online Content Advisory Council, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you more about our #SLAtalk initiative. By using Twitter as our forum, the council crafts questions to spark online conversations among members about topics relevant to our profession. Originally called #SLAchat, the revamped #SLAtalk series debuted in March of this year.

Four questions are chosen that will elicit answers in the most productive way considering the limitations Twitter has for 140 character answers. We spend 15 minutes on each question to fill up an entire hour. Moving the conversation along this way helps to keep the participants on point as well as giving equal time to each question. The entire interaction is archived and available for review at your leisure. But, it’s most fun to participate live! In order to best serve the SLA membership, two sessions are held on the same day in order to accommodate many different time zones.

The first #SLAtalk session in March dealt with job hunting and career growth. The summary of which can be found here. That conversation contains many great tips and useful feedback. The second #SLAtalk session was entitled, “What Would You Tell Your Past MLIS-Student Self?” and received an amazing level of participation. The archives, found here, are a tremendous resource for future and current library school students. Another valuable use of this session’s archives is peer guidance for someone contemplating continuing his or her post-MLIS education.

The next #SLAtalk will be on Tuesday, May 14th. Session 1 will begin at 1:30 pm EDT and the second session will begin at 11:00 pm EDT for you night owls. The topic will be about collaboration. “#SLAtalk: Collaboration – Better…Stronger…Faster. Working in groups can be fun and productive or the bane of your existence. Learn how information professionals accomplish tasks through collaboration, either within or outside their work place.” If you haven’t yet participated in an #SLAtalk session and would like some tips and pointers, refer to the OCAC guide, “How to #SLAtalk.”

Not only are these sessions informative, it’s also a fun way to interact with fellow SLA members from near and far. Get your typing fingers ready and join us on May 14th!

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